Marine litter bins


The impact of plastic on the environment and our health is a well-known fact. Despite this fact, 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the seas and oceans every year. Solving this problem requires actions on land to reduce the amount of produced waste which enters the seas and actions in the sea to remove the litter. To help the Baltic, the MARE Foundation installs marine litter bins in Baltic ports. These bins are able to suck up to 1.400 kg of litter from water.  

The problem of plastic pollution has a global dimension and is also encountered in the Baltic. According to HELCOM, approximately 70% of waste found in the Baltic is plastic. Plastic also accounts for most of the litter found on the coast, regardless of place, both on urban and  wild beaches. Therefore, the MARE Foundation undertakes actions aimed at preventing plastic from entering the sea. The installation of marine litter bins in ports and marinas makes it possible to capture the litter which had entered the natural environment before it works its way to the sea bottom and decomposes into microplastics.

We installed ten marine litter bins – in Gdańsk (2), Gdynia, Sobieszewo, Kołobrzeg, Puck (2), Mechelinki, Władysławowo and Hel.