Ecological challenge for CONTINENTAL and another marine litter bin for the Baltic

Ecological challenge for CONTINENTAL and another marine litter bin for the Baltic

The participants of CONTINETAL challenge covered over 900 thousand km, and thus financed a marine litter bin for collecting litter from the Baltic. This is the ELEVENTH bin installed by the MARE Foundation in cooperation with business partners on the Polish coast!

Over 2500 participants ran, cycled and performed a number of other physical activities for nearly two months to raise money for an ecological goal. Continental challenged everyone to improve their condition while supporting the initiative to install a sea bin. The participants were asked to install the Activy application on smartphone, register and join the open competition "Continental – Together on the way with ecology". The action lasted from 10th August to 5th October 2022. 

On Tuesday, 18th October, in the Sienna Grobla marina in Gdańsk, the final event of the #ecocontichallenge took place. A special PortBin was installed. This bin can collect up to 1.400 kg of plastic litter per year.

“We are very proud that we have managed to motivate Poles to increase physical activity, while supporting the initiative aimed at improving the water quality of the Baltic Sea by donating the collected money to the MARE Foundation. Sustainable development and  zero emissions are key elements of our strategy, which we consistently implement and promote in various fields” – says Ewa Ostapczuk, PR Manager in Continental Opony Polska.

PortBin collects floating litter directly from water surface. It was designed as an optimal device for removing litter from ports and  water bodies. It is equipped with 30 litre bin, easy to clean. The device has high durability and resistance to weather conditions. It is current version, PortBin is made of PE-HD plastic and is 100%  recyclable.

“Devices like the bin installed in Gdańsk are key elements to minimise the pollution of the sea. However, the most important is to mitigate the problem and change existing habits” – adds Ewa Ostapczuk.

“Global consumption of plastics has now reached more than 320 million tonnes per year. Only 9% are recycled, which means that huge amounts of plastic end up in landfills, or directly in nature, including marine waters.  Most of this plastic, if not removed, will remain in the sea forever. We are extremely happy to have another PortBin now ready to clean the Baltic - says Olga Sarna, chair of the MARE Foundation.


PET bottles – used in tire production
Continental has developed a solution that responds to the excess of plastic in our environment. It is the ContiRE.Tex technology, presented this year, in which plastic obtained from PET bottles is used for the production of the most modern passenger tires. It should be underlined that the manufacturer uses only bottles that had not been recycled so far. As many as 40 bottles are used to produce one set of summer tires Continental PremiumContact 6 and EcoContact 6 as well as in a multi-season tire AllSeasonContact.

Fot. Piotr Szafran 

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