Clean Baltic edition 2017

CLEAN BALTIC 2017 edition

Every day, solid waste such as fishing nets, plastic ad tyres land in the sea and pose huge threat to the marine fauna and flora. In the framework of Clean Baltic project five Polish fishermen’s organisations decided to undertake actions aimed at cleaning the Polish Baltic waters.

The actions devoted to searching derelict gears were carried out in 2017 by vessels, members of 5 fishermen’s organisations. The search activities involved over 500 fishing boats up to 12 metres in length. 147 tonnes of litter were removed from the Baltic. The project was carried out by 5 fishermen’s organisations, namely the Association of Marine Fishermen – Producer Organisation, Boat Fishermen Association Mierzeja, Fishermen Association Wolin, Boat Fishermen’s Organisation from Kołobrzeg and Darłowska Fish Producers Association. The project was carried out in the framework of the Operational Programme for Fisheries and the Sea, under measure 1.4.1. “Collecting derelict fishing gears and marine litter” is an example of such activity aimed at mitigating negative impact of fishing on the Baltic ecosystem.

The reports are available here:

Zrzeszenie Rybaków Morskich–Organizacja Producentów Władysławowo: 

Wolińskie Stowarzyszenie Rybaków: 

Grupa Kołobrzeska: Organizacja Rybaków Łodziowych – Producentów Rybnych: 

Darłowska Grupa Producentów Ryb i Armatorów Łodzi Rybackich:  

Stowarzyszenie Rybaków Łodziowych „Mierzeja”: