Our team

Our team


Olga Sarna
Chair of the MARE Foundation Board / CEO 
Contact: osarna@fundacjamare.pl

Since 2017, the Chair of the Board of the MARE Foundation, the only public benefit organization in Poland with its activities focused solely on the protection of marine ecosystems, with particular focus on the Baltic Sea. Olga is an experienced marine conservation specialist and educator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit sector. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw. For nearly 10 years, she has been actively involved in activism for the Baltic Sea.  She participated in the implementation of numerous projects related to marine litter (including ghost nets), sustainable fisheries, wreck management and other issues related to protection of the Baltic ecosystem - including numerous educational programmes and campaigns aimed at raising ecological awareness of the society.


Ewa Milewska
Vice-Chair of the MARE Foundation

In 1992 she joined the secretariat of the International Baltic Sea Fishery Commission and became involved in fisheries management, promoting rational and sustainable use of the sea resources. After closing down of IBSFC, following the accession of Poland to the EU, she worked for WWF on sustainable fisheries project. For several years she was the Vice-Chair of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council. She is one of the main initiators of the Baltic Fisheries Roundtable – a discussion forum, the first such initiative gathering fishermen, scientists and representatives of non-governmental organisations in Poland. She was also one of the leaders of the first pilot project on ghost nets in the Baltic.


Małgorzata Kosowska
Communication and marketing
Media contact: mkosowska@icloud.com

Gosia Kosowska represents the boutique agency BLUEBERRY that specialises in communication services, PR and marketing for non-governmental organisations. She worked for WWF Poland for almost 10 years, where she was responsible for the image of the organisation as well as for coordination of communication activities. She has vast experience in conducting media campaigns. The activities she undertakes are characterised by great commitment resulting from her knowledge of the specific wok of non-governmental  organisations and environmental protection, which is so close to her heart.
Gosia supports the MARE Foundation in all communication and educational activities. 


Patrycja Nowakowska
Marine protection expert
Contact: pnowakowska@fundacjamare.pl

Patrycja graduated in oceanography and specialised in marine biology, with a special focus on
the ecology of benthos organisms. She took part in scientific and educational projects.
She started her work with the MARE Foundation as a volunteer and now she is responsible for social media and the website.
She is also involved in educational programmes carried out by the Foundation.

The Foundation Council supervises the activities carried out by MARE in terms of their compliance with the statutory objectives and effective use of financial resources.    

Members of the Council of the MARE Foundation:

Piotr Prędki – Chair
Katarzyna Król– Member
Magdalena Krystyna Gołębiewska – Member