The MARE Foundation

Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 19/27
02-797 Warsaw, Poland

e-mail: kontakt@fundacjamare.pl

The MARE Foundation was established in 2015 to protect marine ecosystems, promote sustainable exploitation of the coastal and  marine resources and to rise public awareness in environmental matters.  As part of its activities, the Foundation is carrying out projects on sustainable fisheries, marine litter (including ghost nets and plastics) as well as other topics related to marine environment, education and raising of public awareness.  

In the initial phase of its activities, the MARE Foundation is planning to deal with the protection of the Baltic Sea. 99.7% of the territory of Poland lies within the Baltic Sea Basin. In practice it means that almost everyone, often without realising this, indirectly affects the state of its ecosystem. Despite numerous media campaigns and projects the state of the Baltic Sea is still unsatisfactory. This fact has been confirmed by the “Preliminary assessment of the state of the marine environment of the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea”, prepared on behalf of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. These data indicate the need to undertake intensive efforts in order to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) until 2020.

The MARE Foundation is committed to face these challenges.

More information about the Foundation is available in Polish.
Full English version of the website will be available soon.