MARE x BRACENET x KGPR | 2021 |Save the seas - wear a net

MARE x BRACENET x KGPR | 2021 |Save the seas - wear a net


Ghost nets, deposited at the sea bottom, are a global and a local problem. It is estimated that 640.000 tonnes of derelict fishing gears land in water every year. They continue to catch fish uncontrolled, and at the same time pollute the marine environment.  The ghost net issue is complex as the nets themselves. We are constantly looking for methods to deal with the problem. Removing the ghost nets from the sea is only the beginning.

What to do with these nets once we take them out? We do not have the right answer yet. We are constantly looking for the best solution. Therefore, we have started our cooperation with the Kołobrzeska Fish Producers Group and Bracenet.

STEP 1. In 2020, Kołobrzeska Fish Producers Group (KGPR) win cooperation with the MARE Foundation retrieved over 3 tonnes of ghost nets from the Baltic.  
STEP 2. Some of these retrieved nets were upcycled by Bracenet. Unique bracelets were made out of them.
STEP 3. 2€ from the sale of each bracelet is donated to the MARE Foundation for their activities related to the protection of the Baltic.

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